Thursday, October 10, 2013

Washington Shenanigans (or Business As Usual!)

While I might disagree with the details of how the Republicans have finally taken a stand, I'm glad to see them finally do it. All my life I've watched the Republicans in Washington bluster, talk big, then "compromise" or "reach across the aisle" and do the Democrats bidding. They have repeatedly, for decades, mistaken abject surrender for compromise.

The good news in the current "government shutdown" is that people are finally noticing that the Obama administration is deliberately shutting down things that hurt the little guy, the common folk, the ordinary Americans who don't live and work within the Washington Beltway.

It's no wonder the President's popularity has tanked ( People are beginning to associate him with what his administration does. While he ran for re-election as an outsider railing against the Republicans, that act isn't working too well while National Park Service officials are trying to kick everyone out of the National Parks, 80 and 90 year-old World War II veterans are having to move "Barrycades" to visit their own memorial, and the President keeps talking about not negotiating with the House of Representatives while he's saying he's ready to negotiate with Third World dictators.

Speaking of Barrycades at the National Parks, here's a bison's reaction to one...

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