Monday, June 16, 2014

Twice Burned...

In the history of the world each of the major religions has, at one point or another, been very intolerant of all the others. Today, one in particular is extremely intolerant of all the others. And it's not Christianity, no matter what you may hear in the news or from your PC friends.

Several countries are officially 100% of that religion. Their governments may unofficially tolerate other religions amongst them, but in reality their religious leaders are running the show and have "religious police" to look for evidence of infidels amongst them.

I mention this because yesterday I talked with a friend who recently came home from an overseas assignment in one of those countries. A member of his faith had to quietly rent a home large enough for everyone to meet in. On that country's official Sabbath day, his congregation would quietly assemble at that home. Things went well for several years. Then a young man, new to the country, posted pictures of that home on his social media account and stated "This is where my church meets!"

It's wasn't long before the religious police showed up, threats were made, and the family was forced to move to a smaller home. Eventually a different family found a large enough home and moved to it. The congregation began meeting there and–this really shouldn't surprise anyone–the young fool posted the photo of the new meeting place on his social media account and the trouble began again.

What is it about young adults and social media? Have they no sense of self-preservation?